Acne Scar Removal

The glory and efficacy of acne laser treatment

Men and women these days struggle with acne. You can always slam into an individual having red bumps all over his face every time you walk across the …

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal: a savior for people wishing

When people get wretched with shaving, waxing and using depilatory creams to combat an unending scuffle against undesirable facial and body hair, they…


Gear up to deal with pigmentation by getting acquainted with it!

Are you sick and drained of being jammed with a blotchy skin peppered with dark patches and spots all over it? Do not panic, this is a legitimately co…


Attain an even-toned skin by fighting Melasma

Have you used uncountable acne creams, facial ointments and melasma treatment unproductively? Do you still have those spiteful acne blotches on your f…

 When you see yourself in the mirror and the famed line “A thing of Beauty is a joy forever” doesn’t seem true anymore , we are ready to help you!

Being beautiful is one of humankind’s primary obsessions. We believe that cosmetic surgery is an art and we hold expertise in the art of sculpting your face and body, giving you the most amazing results. Dr. Hema Pant, the best skin specialist and dermatologist in Delhi supervises “CosmeticDerma.Com”, the skin revitalizing segment of the clinic. It is a leading center for various options of non-surgical procedures encompassing skin whitening techniques, skin lightening techniques, thermage skin tightening, acne scar, PRP treatment and pigmentation situated in Defence Colony (South Delhi). This clinic works with the aim of blending advanced technology with ethically-oriented solutions for satisfying the present-day beauty requirements of people.

Dr. Hema Pant

Dr. Hema Pant is a dermatologist with her keen interest in cosmetic dermatology and facial contouring. She is passionate about her work and always keen in refining the work of her juniors. Her academic interests and the quest for knowledge and new innovations take her to all the international forums of Cosmetic Dermatology and anti-aging medicine. Blending the art of aesthetics and science of medicine with new technologies gives her the forte and expertise to touch people’s life.

Dr. Hema Pant work has been featured as :

Epilight New Slin Clinic

Laser Hair Removal

For swarms of people in Delhi eyeing for a permanent hair removal solution, pain free laser hair removal has become nothing less than a boon from the heavens. Undeniably, undesirable hair can cause self-confidence issues…


Young people seldom worry about wrinkles and drooping of body skin as their skin gets profusion of natural proteins which make it smooth, lenient and supple. Proteins viz. elastin and collagen give the skin its tone and consistency…

Botox Treatment

Many a times in life, it can happen that you are facing the mirror and have to abruptly jump out of shock. The reason for this shock-wave is the advent of some negative signs of aging like crumples…

Acne Treatment

There are some individuals who have been gifted with a very beautiful and glowing skin; however, most of us acquire acne at least once in our lifetime. Especially adolescents have had to cope with the wrecking effects of acne for eras…

Pigmentation Treatment

A skin’s appearance is one of the prime concerns to all ladies. Frequently exposing ourselves to sun and aging problems make it inescapable for us to bump into skin matters such as pigmentation and erratically skin tones.

Dermal Fillers

If you are upset about the skin on your face making you look mature, then you may be able to take certain steps to smooth out your skin and make it look buoyant. Very deep frown lines and wrinkles can pull .…


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